When I am annoyed, my nose itches. When I think of roofers, I get a little twitchy itch in my nose…And I am a roofer.

The day after the hail storm, there were roofers in your neighborhood offering free inspections. You probably needed one and were grateful for the prompt service. But…then the next one came by and the next.

How many roofers was it before you started to get annoyed? Two in one day? You start to dread the door bell, or just stop answering the door because, well the people you care about have your phone number. If one sneaks in, you try to be polite, but you know the spiel, and it’s harder and harder to be courteous.

For roofing, my goal is to never knock on a door again by August of 2017. To do that, I need to have excellent referrals.

The most basic factors for choosing a roofing company:

Quality Products
Warranty on Work

I choose to work with Priority Restoration for because they have a 20 year workmanship warranty. They stand by the quality of their work. They use quality products. They have been in Denver for years.

After having the basics of a quality roofing company met for the customer, they pay their employees well, they are looking to establish a relationship with customers offering upgrades that will help homeowners who live in a hailprone area.

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