Auto Hail Repair

With the catastrophic hail storm on May 8, 2017, many vehicles are in need of hail repair. There are two routes to fixing hail damage. If your damage is severe, a traditional body shop is necessary. Severe damage includes cracked paint, large deep dents, broken glass, etc. If the damage is moderate to light a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) shop is your best option.

I consider myself a hail repair broker. I work for several companies that each offer something different to their customers. I help customers choose a shop based on their personal needs.

Here is everything and more than you need to know about filing a hail claim. This is my Getting Started Guide to Auto Hail Repair:

Filing a Claim
Choosing Your Shop
The Process

A traditional body shop makes most of its money from the mark-up on parts and labor. So they replace parts often. If the damage is severe and parts must be replaced anyway, a body shop is a great choice.

A Paintless Dent Repair shop makes most of it’s money from the labor of manually manipulating the metal into its original form. This process keeps the paint’s factory finish. The factory finish is the best paint job your vehicle will ever have. If qualify for PDR, they give great discounts and should have a quick turn time.

I choose to work with shops who offer a lifetime warranty on their work, offer $500 off the deductible, and help with rental car coverage during repair times. I work with the following shops.

DentPass– What I love: High quality technicians and quick turn times (The marketing director has a similar philosophy as me :))

Located in Centennial

Accurate AutoРWhat I love: Their systems run smoothly, easy company to work with. High quality technicians and quick turn times.

Located in Denver

Colorado Auto Hail Repair– What I love: Entrepreneurial spirit. Rene (owner and lead tech) came from Germany and has lived the American Dream. With 17 years repairing hail damage, he is an awesome tech who does quality repairs.

Located in Aurora.

My goal is to make the hail claim and repair process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

For a FREE Inspection to help determine where to send your vehicle for repairs call Cherstin 303-900-5180


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