Choosing a Hail Repair Shop

I usually choose Redbox over Netflix. Not because the movies are better or I prefer the service. I actually am probably paying more for all my Redbox rentals and late fees. But I hate having the unlimited choices Netflix offers. It always takes me an hour to pick a movie with Netflix and I am generally unsatisfied.

Have you noticed its easier to make a choice when you have fewer choices? And you are probably happier with your decision.

After the May 8, 2017 storm, THOUSANDS of hail repair companies registered in Denver. (Auto and Roofs). It’s unsettling to choose which service will be best. I want to narrow your choices down, while still giving you the best possible service.

Let’s make informed decisions about our vehicles. These are the factors you need to consider when choosing where to have your vehicle repaired.

Let’s start with basics, what is best for my vehicle? 

Best for your Part and Paint– The factory finish for your paint is the best paint job you will ever have. What is best for your vehicle, is to put off painting any parts unless its absolutely necessary.

Quality Repairs– You want the person or machine repairing your vehicle to do it right. It is terrible to take your car to be repaired and have it returned looking less than perfect. (Hail Repair Horror Stories)

In this storm, you will choose between a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) shop and an Auto Body Shop for repairs.

If your car has severe damage: cracked paint, many large dents close together, or broken parts it needs to go to an Auto Body Shop.

The photo below is a body shop car. This car may even be a total loss.

totally car

If your damage is moderate to light, with no cracked paint, PDR is your best option. You get to keep your original paint, you aren’t filling up landfills with auto parts, and the process is quicker.

The photo below shows a vehicle that can be repaired with PDR. They use specialized hail lights to find all the dents.

pdr car

For hail damaged vehicle, I usually always recommend a PDR Shop. But this hail storm caused so much damage, there are plenty of cars PDR can’t be used. With hail damage you have two options for shops. Hail damage is usually mostly cosmetic, and doesn’t effect the structural integrity of the vehicle. Both Auto Body Shops and Paintless Dent Repair Shops repair the cosmetic damage.

Next you ask, what is best for me as a person?

Best for your Wallet– Most of us are looking for the best quality for the price. With insurance claims, it works a little differently. Any Shop will take ALL the money the insurance will give. A good shop shouldn’t ask YOU for more money for an insurance based hail repair, unless you agreed extra repairs beforehand.

Just make sure the shop you choose is upfront with you about the price. A good PDR shop will not ask for money after a contract has been signed. Most PDR shops off $500 off the deductible and free rental cars if needed

Best for Your Schedule– We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some shops just use that time better. Typical Repair times are anywhere from 2-14 days for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and 2-6 weeks for auto body shops. After a storm, shops may be backed up because there are so many cars to fix.

Best for Your Soul– Ethical business practices are an increasingly important factor in being an informed consumer. I support companies who care about our world and the people that live in it. We should support businesses who pay their employees a living wage and support their development. There is a lot of corruption in the storm industry and I would never want to support a business that cheats their employees, customers, or our home.

Now, how do you find a shop that fits your needs? Google? Yelp? (How Yelp is Running a Racket) BBB? These are all useful tools. Hail Repair Ladies pairs you with a shop that meets your needs as a consumer.

Give  me a call to do an inspection to help you decide where to send your vehicle for repairs. 303-900-5180



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