The Process (In Detail)

The process is actually really simple for you.

  1. Call your insurance and File a Claim. Get a Claim Number. (5 Minutes)
  2. Choose your repair shop. (Depends how thorough you research)
  3. Schedule your appointment. (5-10 minute call)
  4. Meet at Enterprise or the shop of your choice.  (Drive Time)
  5. Fill Out Paperwork: Authorization to Repair. (15-30 Minutes)
    1. If renting a car $50 dollar deposit will be on a major credit card. This will be returned when the rental is returned.
  6. Wait for you vehicle to be repaired. (5-14 days for Paintless Dent Repair. 2-6 weeks for body shop)
  7. Pick up your vehicle.  Sign Satisfaction Guarantee and receive certificate of Lifetime Warranty (10 minutes)
    1. Payment is due. 
    2. If you own the vehicle, and the check was deposited into your account, write us a check for the amount the insurance gave you (Unless it has been waived)
    3. If there is a lien and the check was deposited in your account.

Technically you could spend less than an hour of active work through the whole process. The rest is just wait time.

The process for us is more complicated. If you ever wondered what is going on with your car in the time it is sitting in the shop. This is it. Honestly, its a lot of waiting. Most shops are dealing with 20-50 cars at one time, so in a shop that is working well, there is less wait time. But that is that nature of the beast.

  1. Schedule the Rental. (5-10 Minutes)
  2. Meet and fill out paperwork (15-30 Minutes)
  3. Inspect Vehicle for Prior Unrelated Damage (5 minutes)
  4. Complete an Estimate (60 minutes)
  5. Submit Estimate to Insurance (30 minutes)
  6. Submit Direction to Pay to Insurance. This is to redirect the check to our shop. (10 Minutes)
  7. Wait for Adjuster to come verify Estimate or to Supplement if an estimate was already completed (1-5 days, depending on insurance)
    1. Call and bother the insurance to come out. (10 minutes)
    2. Negotiate with Adjuster when they come to pay us for more repairs. (30 minutes)
  8. Call and bother the insurance to pay us.  (10 minutes)
  9. Order Parts (10 minutes)
  10. Wait for parts (1-5 days)
  11. Disassemble Vehicle (Drop the headliner and other parts to prepare for repair) (1-4 hours)
  12. Repair Vehicle with Paintless Dent Repair (1-2) days
    1. Send to Body Shop if necessary for cracked paint or hood replacement (1-2 weeks there is always a lot of waiting at the body shop. But once it has been painted, it has to “bake” and then let the paint dry, and a good shop does multiple coats of paint)
    2. Pick Up Vehicle from Body Shop (30 minutes)
  13. Reassemble the Vehicle (1-4 Hours)
  14. Detail the Vehicle (1 hour)
  15. Quality Control (10 Minutes)
  16. Schedule Pickup (5 Minutes)
  17. Collect Payment and Sign Satisfaction Guarantee paperwork (10 Minutes)
  18. Return Vehicle
  19. Pay Everyone who worked on the vehicle!

Generally the total time actually working on the car is merely hours, and the rest is waiting. Story of my life.


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