How to file a claim for Auto Hail Damage?

Filing the claim is the easy part.

#1. Call the 800 number on your insurance card and tell them you would like to start the process of filing a hail claim and would like a claim number.

#2. Let them know the date of the storm and the address where your vehicle was hit. If you don’t remember the exact date of the storm, give us a call and we can look it up for you based on your location.

#3. Once they have that information, a claim has been filed.

That is it…for filing a claim.

Once you have a have a claim number call Cherstin for a free inspection 303-900-5180.

The next step is to Choose a Shop or Get an Estimate.

One the call, your insurance may suggest you take your vehicle to a shop or a tent for an estimate. Legally it is your choice where to take your vehicle for the estimate. There are pros and cons to taking it a tent or having your adjuster come to your house or taking it to a shop.

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