The Financial Side of Auto Hail Repair

Most people don’t know that Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Body Shops have opposing business structures which should be considered in how each shop makes decisions for your vehicle. Price You generally don't need to worry about the price for a hail claim. The insurance sets the price now a days. You aren't going to... Continue Reading →

Choosing a Hail Repair Shop

I usually choose Redbox over Netflix. Not because the movies are better or I prefer the service. I actually am probably paying more for all my Redbox rentals and late fees. But I hate having the unlimited choices Netflix offers. It always takes me an hour to pick a movie with Netflix and I am... Continue Reading →

The Process (In Detail)

The process is actually really simple for you. Call your insurance and File a Claim. Get a Claim Number. (5 Minutes) Choose your repair shop. (Depends how thorough you research) Schedule your appointment. (5-10 minute call) Meet at Enterprise or the shop of your choice.  (Drive Time) Fill Out Paperwork: Authorization to Repair. (15-30 Minutes)... Continue Reading →

Getting an Estimate for Auto Hail Damage

There are two routes to getting an estimate after a hail storm. During a “catastrophic” hail storm, like the one we had in May, insurance sends out “CAT” adjusters. Insurance companies often set up tents where you can go and get an estimate on how much it will cost to repair your vehicle. You can... Continue Reading →

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